Capell started specializing in manufacturing mostly wooden based products to pet animals. The factory is located in Kuopio, Finland.

CAPELL CATWC – is your cat walking around with
dry paws ?

Capell CATWC is a natural product that solves the cat´s urine odour problem. Capell CATWC is a 100 % natural pine cat litter. It is a clean Finnish product with perfect odour control. It is a compact product due to an enormous absorption (280% of weight). It has almost 3 times the lifetime of normal litters and such without the nasty cat urine odour.

Capell CATWC is 100 % natural evergreen tree – recycled from the Finnish furniture industry – and pressed into pellets. So it is 100 % biodegradable and pressed pellets can be thrown away as biodegradable waste or humus or it can be flushed in the toilet (in small quantities). NO CHEMICALS HAVE BEEN USED in processing.

Capell CATWC does not dust. It does not stick to your cats paws so there is never any tracking. You just scoop out the soiled litter and fill in fresh Capell CATWC replace. Capell CATWC is superb for puppies and rodents, also as a bedding for reptiles. If your cat is very sensitive, you can help him/her adjust to Capell CATWC by first mixing Capell CATWC with the old litter that your cat is used to.

Capell CATWC is packed into paper bags with a content of 6 litres of cat litter. The product with package is an ecological choice helping to save the nature. After use, the paper bag can be recycled.

CAPELL PESÄPURU JYRSIJÄNPURU – nest litter for rodents and reptiles

For rodents and reptiles, we offer a product Capell PESÄPURU nest litter.

Capell PESÄPURU nest litter is made out of chips of evergreen tree in Finland. It is completely dry and does not dust. Capell PESÄPURU nest litter eliminates odour and absorbs moisture efficiently. The pressed plastic package includes 1 kg chips – when opened it corresponds to 10 – 11 litres. Also, we offer Capell PESÄPURU nest litter in pressed plastic package of 2 kg chips.

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